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It doesn’t matter how careful you try to be with your home appliances, the time will come when you will have serious problems with one of your home appliances. For that reason, it’s extremely important to be prepared and to find assistance should you ever be in the position of needing Jacksonville appliance repair.

As you no-doubt understand, it can be complicated to find a reliable repair service in Jacksonville to deal with a home appliance on the blink. However, here are some thoughts to bear in mind as you search and seek a reliable service provider for your home appliance repair in Jacksonville:

First of all, no matter how wonderful high tech communication is in the 21st century, when all is said and done, nothing really is as useful as word of mouth. By taking the time to talk to other men and women who have utilized a particular repair service you will be able to see exactly which service provider gets solid recommendations. Make sure to check-out some of our reviews/testimonials: here.

Secondly, organizations such as the Better Business Bureau maintain records on complaints against Jacksonville appliance repair businesses. Organizations such as the BBB provide independent evaluations of different businesses in a community. A Plus Service and Repair has (and always will maintain) a 100% positive rating from the Better Business Bureau of Jacksonville..

Thirdly, as valuable as word of mouth recommendations can be, the Internet is an invaluable resource when it comes to assessing different Jacksonville appliance repair service or providers. Many home appliance repair services now have an Internet presence; and if they don’t, you should be wary! Although you might save money initially on having an “all-in-one-repair-guy” come out to repair your Jacksonville appliances, they very rarely will come with the qualifications of an A Plus Service and Repair technician! By accessing these websites, you can ascertain exactly what is available in regard to qualified, experience home appliance repair service providers in and around Jacksonville.

Last-but-not-least, if you have a locally-owned and respected retail store that specializes in home appliances, you might want to determine if one or another of these stores or shops can recommend a repair person for your own needs. Oftentimes these types of stores do have a listing of repair provider who they have confidence in and in whom they trust for home appliance repair work.
In the end, by doing your homework, you will be able to select and access a home appliance repair service provider that will best meet your particular needs. For this reason; when your appliances break, you need to call A Plus Service and Repair! We fix all major home appliances and our reviews / testimonials speak for themselves!

Call (904) 220-2303, or fill out the form below with your service request/questions, and you will receive a response back from A Plus Service and Repair ASAP!


(904) 220-2303


Company Overview

A Plus Service and Repair
is a locally owned and operated, full-service appliance repair company in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to go above and beyond to provide top-notch repairs, installations, and maintenance for homeowners, landlords, property managers, realtors, and businesses in Jacksonville and its surrounding area. We strive to be the Jacksonville appliance repair company you can count on whenever you have a need. By treating you right and providing honest, straightforward service, we hope to win your business for years to come.

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